Bowland goes back to its roots – Lancaster University students come up trumps

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Both John and I are alumni of Lancaster University … Bowland college to be precise.  And so, we have been delighted to have been working with some of their MA in HR and Consulting students over the last few months. 

The students have looked at our 360 best practice; including surveying some of our clients, reviewing our processes, and looking at the latest theories around 360 to give us advice on where we can improve.  It has been a great experience both in terms of having a fresh look at Bowland but also to work with students with such a keen interest in delivering a great service.  We are still digesting the 126 page(!) report that they have provided us with.  But here is a public thanks from Bowland to Wes, Mabel, Alexis, Sebastian, Ying, and Maeve for all of their efforts.  We will be updating our own practice and advice based on what they found.


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