The hot water that softens a carrot will harden an egg

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On a recommendation, I am currently reading “How will you measure your life” by Clayton Christensen.  Yesterday evening I came across these words of wisdom – the context was how you may have two children and they may respond very differently to your parenting.  Something I think most of us with more than one child will recognise as the “how have we raised such different kids?” moment!  But it immediately struck me as a wonderful summary of the blind spot we see in leaders/managers who struggle to manage a team as they apply one management style and communication to all team members.

I’m not sure the metaphor will stand up to much stretching but thinking of your team members as very different individuals who are looking for different things from you and requiring different styles of support and guidance is useful. And frankly, its a great metaphor so I’m going to use it anyway!





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