Motivating Millennials through Meaningful Conversations

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A short article in Smart Company magazine caught my eye recently regarding a report that highlighted how millennials were more likely to show loyalty to an organisation where there was a good frequency and high quality of meaningful conversations with their Line Managers.

Such conversations were having a motivating effect as they demonstrated a genuine interest on the part of the Line Manager in the individual both within the scope of their work and beyond.

We find ourselves increasingly working with organisations where managers are finding themselves with individuals for whom their current style of management is not working as it might have before – the lament is ‘How do I motivate them?’ - part of the answer from this report would seem to be to simply show interest and foster more, meaningful two-way conversations; the other part of the answer would probably follow from the thinking popularised by Dan Pink’s book, ‘Drive’, which suggested offering people a sense of purpose, the opportunity to act autonomously, and develop mastery in their role/career, would fire up individuals to perform to the best of their ability.

All of these intrinsic motivating factors can be tapped into through having regular meaningful conversations with your team.





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