Getting my own feedback

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In line with being a director of business that focuses on feedback I was looking to get some of my own.  Rather than pick my own questions I asked Peter and Vicky, who report to me, to take a look at our generic competency framework that our clients can use and pick out the competencies that they would like to give me feedback on.  I asked them to pick 6 or 7 and said I would pick ones that I think are relevant as well.  My idea is that I will then sit down with them and discuss their feedback on me on these competency areas.

So, I opened up our competency framework and started working my way through.  Almost immediately I wanted to ask Peter and Vicky to give me a few months before I get their feedback.  The simple act of reading over behaviours – most relevant in some way – reminded me of what I should be doing more of.  It wasn’t that I particularly saw things I couldn’t do (though they may have a different opinion on that!)more that I didn’t do them often enough.  The simple act of reading and reflecting raised my self-awareness.

So, could we save ourselves some trouble and just send managers a list of what they should be doing and ask them to read it?!

Here is what would then be missing.  First, my reading of the behaviours was part of a process and so I was attentive to it because I knew feedback was coming.  Second, my own reflections lacked power.  They were useful but within days I had forgotten my thoughts and motivation to change was drifting.  And finally, they were only my thoughts.  And much as I find it hard to accept – I may be wrong.  I need additional perspectives both on performance and the impact of how I am.

So – still need to get that feedback!



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