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Our next event – “Turning insight into action; the key to sustainable development for leaders”

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We are delighted to be co-hosting our next event in London on Thursday 30th April with QV Career Counsel, specialists in executive coaching, where we introduce a new structured and integrated approach to 360 degree feedback within a professional services environment.

Having completed a recent research project on leadership development,  in conjunction with Lancaster University Management School, we found that it unequivocally identified the need for 360 degree feedback to be appropriately supported:


“A 360-degree appraisal without debriefing, coaching and follow-up activities will harm the organisation using it. 360-degree feedback programs are only a start of an organisational capacity development process.”

“Debriefing is especially important in helping recipients accept the validity of the feedback, experience minimal damage to self-esteem, focus on positive behaviours that should be continued, and select key challenging behaviours on which to improve.”

“Coaching is also a central part of 360-degree appraisal; it is the key for personal development. A coach can help further motivate employees who receive positive feedback from various sources, while helping the recipients of negative feedback formulate a workable strategy for performance improvement. Thus a coach can be the difference between a healthy coping reaction and learned helplessness.”


The underlying message is that the insight gained through the 360 feedback process isn’t enough; it needs to crystallise into action.


It is with this research and key observation in mind that we have come together with QV to share a new integrated approach which explains how to effectively combine 360 degree feedback with promptly delivered, focused coaching, to ensure sustainable development of your leaders and alignment with your organisational goals.


This event is aimed at senior executives from financial and professional services and those with responsibility for executive development within their organisation.

If you are interested in attending this event, then please contact me for more information directly via email – - it is free to attend but there are a limited number of seats available.



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Why do lawyers like 360 degree feedback?

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The subject title is of course presumptious that lawyers do enjoy 360 degree feedback.  After working with 360 feedback for so many years and working with so many law firms I can confidently say that lawyers enjoy the debrief session from 360 degree feedback.  It may be something to do with the way we handle that session and the way we go about 360 feedback here but I think some of it is the type of person a lawyer tends to be.  So, here goes with the genuine, but slightly light hearted, reasons why…

They are self-motivated learners

Most lawyers – certainly senior lawyers – are inquisitive and self-motivated.  They want to improve and while 360 feedback may be a bit more touchy-feely than learning law they generally have a desire to learn and improve which makes them great candidates for 360 feedback.

They like talking about themselves

Culturally – particularly in the UK – this can be seen as a negative.  For 360 feedback it is actually useful.  Listening to feedback about yourself, discussing that feedback with an impartial 3rd party and reflecting on yourself is somewhat egocentric and at times narcissistic.  For the 60-90 minutes of a debrief session it is very useful if the subject of the session enjoys talking about and reflecting on their own actions and ways of working.  In our experience, lawyers are good at that.

They recognise their own value and impact

This can of course be taken too far (and sometimes is).  But, partners and senior lawyers generally accept that their own impact is significant and improvements will deliver bottom line benefits.  Through an experience of valuing (charging for) their own time this can be second nature.  This motivates them to listen and to look to make changes.

Their failings are more obvious to others than themselves

The most common issues we see for lawyers revolve around allocation of their time, effective delegation, new business activity and handling of stress.  There are of course others.  But for these common issues others are best placed to 1) describe the impact of the undesired behaviour and 2) give permission/confidence for the change required.  Many lawyers have built a way of working and handling the pressures of the role over many years and have a belief system rooted in that way of working.  Believing that a real change can be made requires others to both point it out and give confidence that the changes can be made.  To receive this feedback – and particularly the permission to change from those they trust – is often a great break through for the lawyer.

Law firms like to do things properly

Our law firm clients genuinely wish to handle 360 feedback properly.  And so they take care to think through what is going to lead to the best conversation for each lawyer.  They are able to invest in the process and each lawyer to give the greatest chance of success.  Each lawyer then benefits from being part of a well thought through, properly run process.

Our thoughts…

Debriefing articulate, often confident, intelligent individuals is equally challenging and rewarding.  After the initial 5-10 minutes of establishing confidence in the process and ourselves 360 debrief sessions with lawyers are invariably open and enlightening.   Whether the executive group, the partners, promotion candidates, or identified high flying associates; all lawyers benefit from 360 feedback and enjoy it when it is handled well.



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