Taking the ‘Annual’ out of Performance Appraisal

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A brief article here in Entrepreneur magazine¬†offers advice to organisations in changing the way they approach Performance Management; most notably, banning the ‘dreaded’ (Have you noticed it’s always ‘dreaded’..?) annual performance review.

It advocates a more continuous cycle of conversations throughout the year i.e. Setting goals, giving feedback and coaching, with a move away from a review.

In part we agree with what is being laid out here; Performance Management should be a series of meaningful conversations each with a distinct aim; however, we would suggest that a ‘review’ conversation is still an integral part of that cycle.

The opportunity to jointly reflect, consider what went well, what didn’t go so well, is invaluable as part of the learning aspect of a review conversation and in that way critical to an individual’s growth and future performance.

By all means take the ‘annual’ out of Performance Appraisal, but don’t take the ‘review’ out of Performance Management.





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